Neurotechnology 🧠 | Data Science 📈 | Web3/Blockchain 🚀

I am a data scientist and full-stack engineer passionate about neurotechnology 🧠, entrepreneurship 🦄, web3 / blockchain 🚀 and health tech 👩‍⚕️.
I want to help to push the forefront of technological evolution in neuroscience by providing better tooling for producing and analyzing data.
My unique strength is a blend of business, entrepreneurship, and engineering.

Latest Blog Posts


How I run my yearly review to reflect on your past, set new goals, and plan for the new year

At the beginning of each year, I go on a retreat with four of my closest friends and 🔭 review the last year, 🎯 set new goals for this year, and 📅 plan for it.
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Web3: Extending Synpress with additional MetaMask commands 

A guide on how to find and define new selectors for puppeteer and add custom commands for Cypress to Synpress. Read the article

Web3: How to set up Synpress for Web3 dApp Frontend Test Automation with MetaMask

Setup, configuration, and example tests using Synpress / Cypress for end-to-end frontend test automation of a web3 dApp with MetaMask login.
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Book Notes: Clean Code

Keeping functions small - a function should have one “function” - as long as you can extract something - extract it into a separate function

Slide Deck: Building a Foundation for your Company Presentations

How to speed up everything from presentations, pitch-decks to sales proposals by standardizing your workflow and relying on a few templates
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